“Remothered: Tormented Fathers” will launch via Steam Early Access on October 31st

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“Remothered: Tormented Fathers” will launch via Steam Early Access on October 31st

Here we are, fellas! The first title of the pure survival horror trilogy conceived by Chris Darril will arrive on Steam Early Access just in time for the scariest night of the year!

Chris started talking about Remothered some years ago, releasing concepts, sketches and plot details. Day by day he has gathered a community made of people who share his same idea of survival horror. This vision has now evolved, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the relentless support of the community.

That’s why today we’re so happy to share with you this milestone for the trilogy: this is the first version of the game available to the public and we cannot wait to share it both with the fans of “Remothered” who have never abandoned the project and with those who have recently discovered the game and have been fascinated by it.

This Early Access release is for the survival horror fans who want to take part in the development and play “Remothered: Tormented Fathers” before anyone else.

We want to make it absolutely clear: we have chosen Early Access not for the funding possibilities (as a matter of fact, the game is completely funded already), but because this is the best way to involve you in the development.

Do you want to know more about this release? This post will answer some of the questions you might have!

What platform is this version of the game for?

We’re talking about the PC version of “Remothered: Tormented Fathers” that will be distributed through Steam, the largest digital distribution platform for PC gaming. The game is in Early Access and it will be released on October 31st.

What is Steam Early Access?

Early Access is a platform where you can get access to games on Steam while they’re being developed.

When will the game be released for PlayStation 4?

Our developers are working hard to improve the PS4 version of “Remothered: Tormented Fathers”. On October 31st, we’ll share more details about the PS4 release as well… Stay tuned!

What’s the state of the Early Access version? How will it differ from the final release?

You will have the chance to play about two-thirds of the whole game. In order to discover the final part of “Remothered: Tormented Fathers”, you will have to wait for the final release.

I’d like to play it, but I don’t want to experience bugs…

This is not the final version of the game. There’s a chance you may encounter bugs. If you want to play a finished version of the game, we suggest you to skip the Early Access version and wait for the final release. Rosemary will wait for you! :)

But, if you’re eager to be the first to get inside Dr. Felton’s house and contribute in first person to the success of “Remothered: Tormented Fathers”, you have to play the Early Access release!

How long will “Remothered: Tormented Fathers” be in Early Access?

Just some months. We’re very close to the final release but the game still needs some refinement. Rest assured, this is not a game that will stay in Early Access for years :)

On October 31st we’ll announce more info about the final release for Steam… You don’t want to miss that news!

What about subtitles?

The audio of the Early Access version is English only. This release will also feature English, French and Italian subtitles. The final game will be dubbed and subtitled in more languages.

I want to get both the EA version and the final release: will I have to pay twice?

No, by purchasing the EA version, you will get the final release once it will be out without any additional cost.

When the final version will be released, will I be able to resume the game from where I left off on EA version?

Of course you can! When the final release will be out, you can either start the game from the beginning or from your last save point or from the end of the EA version.

Ok, that’s great… What about the price?

The price of the Early Access release on Steam will be €12,99. The price of the final release will be the same or higher if compared to the Early Access version…  So, if you want to be sure to get the game at the lowest price possible, buy it now!

Just a friendly reminder: if you want to be the first to play the game at a price that others cannot take advantage of, we strongly suggest you to sign up to Remothered’s membership! ;)

Do you have any other question regarding the Early Access release? Write it down in the comments below and we’ll update this FAQs!

Dr. Felton is eager to make your acquaintance… What about you? Get ready. October 31st is not so far away.


  1. raul says:

    thank you

  2. Justin Mckeon says:

    Will there be an early access for ps4 at any point?

  3. TysonL says:

    i wish we could pre-order early.

  4. Anastasia says:

    So, by Early Access it’s still a test run of the game, right?

  5. michael holden says:

    Can’t wait to play!

  6. Leonardo Muniz says:

    Are you planning an Xbox One release?

  7. spidey19xx says:

    Im waiting…Thank u


    cannot wait for the ps4 release!!

  9. Marx Arellano says:

    Hello! Im a great fan of remothered, even before it evolves to this beautiful form. I really want to play this in my xbox one instead of my pc…There will be an xbox one release???

  10. Paul Kennett says:

    Come on its just been released on Steam Wheres our email link?

    “We’ll send you a link that is reserved only to our fans: from there, you can buy the game and receive the Original Soundtrack Preview for free!”

    It like… been almost 3 minutes now… ;)

    • Remothered Team says:

      Hi Paul! Thank you for your support! The email it’s on the wait. Good things will come to those who wait! ;)

      • Paul Kennett says:

        Um… I had the Game marked on Steam, which released it at 4:10pm… its now 7:10pm and im still waiting! I thought the emails i got said “You will have the chance to purchase the game before anyone else at a price that the others cannot take advantage of.”… Now im 3hrs behind everybody who didn’t bother and just got it off steam, Why did i subscribe via the membership? Is the Original Soundtrack Preview the only benifit of subscribing and waiting?, I bet the link it get will be for £10 too! So now ive got the chance to purchase the game after everybody else at the same price, and i’ll get a Soundtrack Preview (which i hope is better then it sounds), Did you get ALL your MOST Loyal fans to subscribe then, release it to the rest of the world first? Have us sit, knowing we could just buy it and download it of steam, you serious?

  11. steve fialho says:

    is there a twitter we can follow to keep upate for ps4 version?

  12. Natali says:

    I waited a long time for her,but very disappointed with the constant bugs with overlay text and it is impossible to exit the inventory.

  13. Kathryn D Newbury says:

    Is there any news about when it will be available on the PS4? I am anxiously awaiting for it to be released on this console.

  14. Jeanetta says:

    Is there any news on the ps4 release

  15. Lovely just what I was looking for. Thanks to the author for taking his clock time on this one.

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