What video game journalists say about Remothered: Tormented Fathers

“A gripping title which provokes anxiety even on PS4.”

8.5/10 | Multiplayer

“The Clock Tower successor you've been waiting for.”

8.5/10 | Rely on Horror

“Impressive graphics and well balanced gameplay.”

8.8/10 | Serial Gamer

“It gives you all the tension of a survival horror game.”

8.5/10 | IGN Italia

“The soul of stealth-horror video games which embodies the perfect psychological horror."

8.5/10 | MondoFox

“A survival horror game with strong adventure components.”

8.4/10 | The Games Machine

“A must for fans of the genre.”

9.0/10 | Survival Horror Downloads

“A ludic experience in which you are perpetually on the edge of tension.”

8.0/10 | GameSurf

“Recommended for the lovers of the most classic horror games.”

8.0/10 | Spazio Games

“Palpable tension, accentuated even more by the sound.”

8.0/10 | EuroGamer

“An engaging story and a well-crafted experience.”

8.0/10 | WCCFTECH

“Missing the opportunity to play it on console would be a crime.”

8.1/10 | Games Village

"Highly recommended."

8.0/10 | The Sixth Axis

"The game is a gratifying experience."

8.0/10 | Xabla Fans

"A pickup for survival horror fans that love hide and seek gameplay."

8.0/10 | The Gamers' Temple