What does “Remothered” mean? The story behind the name

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What does “Remothered” mean? The story behind the name

The meaning of the word “Remothered” is somewhat puzzling and obscure. This won’t come as a surprise, given the nature of the project. The story told along the three chapters certainly is scary, but it’s not just that: the plot is deeply psychological, religion plays a huge role and perversion drives characters towards madness.

The complexity of these concepts cannot be expressed with easy words. Remothered is a word that includes them all. Actually, this is a word made up by other words. It’s not something you will find in the dictionary.


Random Eye Movement (REM) is a phase of sleep characterized by random and fast movements of the eyes. This is the sleep stage when we make our most vivid dreams. Dreams (and nightmares, of course) play a prominent role in Remothered, since part of the events told in the story happen during sleep and dreamlike sequences. REM phase is also relevant during mesmerization – a hypnosis technique that is based upon so-called magnetic sleep. But nobody likes spoilers, so we’d better stop talking about it!


The chrysalis that turns itself into a butterfly: the universal symbols of transformation. This is arguably the key concept of Remothered – the moth represents duplicity, deceitfulness, disease. Moths are attracted by the flowers of nightshades and their harmful pollen. They live at night and their existence on this Earth is quite brief, too. The moth is the symbol of death, unlike the butterfly, which is the icon of purity and life.


This is a figure that makes several appearances during the plot over the three episodes. Christianity is one of the recurring themes in Remothered and in the story you will find several references to Mary, mother of Jesus. Speaking about the plot, in the “cast” of the game you will meet mothers (both real and symbolic) and motherless characters.


Dualism and otherness are recurring themes in the plot. Other means different, but also misfit, deviant. The characters of Remothered always show different sides of their personality and identity. The line between good and evil is blurred and you can never tell which is which.


Blood, sin, carnality, fire, fertility: this color is highly polysemic as it includes several meanings, interpretations and understandings in it. Red is the main color of Remothered. No surprise, the Red Nun is one of the main characters of the game.

Now you know the meaning behind the word Remothered. Until now, you’ve probably had your own vision about this name. Have you ever given a personal interpretation to this word? What does Remothered mean to you? Write it down in the comments below!


  1. Denver says:

    Back when this game was an RPG Maker project, I used to think “remothered” meant something like “to have a new mother”, since the story was then pretty much based on the first “Clock Tower” game (which I love). *** SPOILERS ABOUT “CLOCK TOWER” AHEAD: You know, it was said the girls were adopted by Simon Barrows, but since he was imprisoned long before the adoption, it was actually Mary Barrows who adopted them, so the girls were not “refathered” but “remothered”. END OF SPOILERS ***. Anyway it’s great to finally know the real meaning of the word – it’s much more complex and interesting than I’d imagine!

  2. Durval says:

    So excited about this game! The story seems incredible!

  3. Sidney Chan says:

    My take on the name?

    It’s a pun on the word “MOTH” in “MOTHER”.

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