Remothered among the best psycho-horrors of the last five years
November 26, 2018
Xmas comes early for survival horror fans!
December 21, 2018
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Happy holidays PlayStation people!

The holiday season is falling on us at full speed, and just like it happens to most of us during this time of the year, Sony PlayStation is in the spirit of giving too.

For this reason, it set up this year’s Holiday Sales for the PS Network America, which consists in 5 weeks of sales that will keep being updated with new titles all throughout the event.

Both the American Network and European one will run the sale. It’s the Holiday Sale for American players and the January Sale for the European ones. The American sale will start on December 11th, 10 days prior to the beginning of the European one that will go live on the 21st.

And guess what?! Remothered: Tormented Fathers is among the titles discounted from week one to week five.

Both the sales will see the pure and realistic survival horror video game discounted on the PS Network off 40% and 50% if you are a member of the PS Plus.

This means that Remothered can be yours at only €17.99 or €14.99 for Plus members, saving you up to €15.00 on your final purchase.

The American sale will be kicking off today and will be running until January 15th at 8 am (Pacific Time), with a constant update of the discounted titles and hardware.

The European one, on the other hand, will begin on December 21st at 00:00 GMT and will end at the same time on January 18th. During this sale, some games are only on sale for a limited amount of time though, meaning that you will have to hurry to grasp on the discount. It’s not the case for Remothered though, the video game will stay in the sale until its last day.



If you were waiting to complete the pile of unfinished games you are playing now, or if you’re still waiting to read more reviews on the game, keep in mind that Remothered: Tormented Fathers was mentioned among the list of best psychological horror games of the last five years according to Gameranx. It is in the good company of The Evil Within series and the Outlast series.

Remothered was celebrated because of the story rich of plot twists. It’s a third-person game, where the characters are atypical. The game moves far from the classic horror types of games and closer to a combo of psychological and survival horror. You won’t find any actual monster while playing, only people with killer instincts, real beasts of everyday life. We are talking about regular, everyday people who will stop at nothing just to kill you. The best thing you can do while playing is to hide or divert your stalkers into another part of the house, to gain time to search for what you’re looking for and hide when they get back on your tracks.

Hope you have a scary holiday!

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