Remothered among the best psycho-horrors of the last five years

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November 21, 2018
December 11, 2018
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Remothered among the best psycho-horrors of the last five years

Howdy Remothered fans!


We are proud to announce that Remothered: Tormented Fathers has made it to the list of the “Best Psychological Horror Video Games of the Last Five Years”.


As a matter of fact, focusing on the video games released this year, Gameranx, the global video game media publications founded in 2011 that celebrates video games by providing news, reviews, editorial articles, and more, created a list with the video game titles that are terrifying to play but focus more on the atmosphere of the game rather than on the jumpscares.


Concentrating on the titles that were launched in the last five years, the article focuses on those games that are available right now for players to experience.


The game dynamics were once again what helped the success of Remothered: Tormented Fathers according to the specialized website. Gamers can decide to be more strategic, stealthy, or simply attempt to get the upper hand on the enemies as they would in an action game. Additionally, players won’t have a health bar that indicates how their character is doing so they’ll need to monitor how the character’s body is bearing throughout the game.


Moreover, the eerie ambiance and gruesome cutscenes helped to make the characters appear even more psychotic.


Remothered is in the company of titles such as the Outlast series, The Evil Within series, and Little Nightmares.


So, as Fall hits us like a slap in the face, the sun is not as strong, and the first snow starts falling, you could let Gameranx help you choose your next horror video game from this list of spine-chilling titles. You can read more here.


Enjoy a spooky Fall!

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