Inside the world of Chris Darril, the author of “Remothered”

“Remothered: Tormented Fathers”, a Thrilling Survival Horror Game
December 20, 2016
What does “Remothered” mean? The story behind the name
February 24, 2017
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Inside the world of Chris Darril, the author of “Remothered”

Chris Darril

The story of the game designer behind “Remothered: Tormented Fathers”, from the early years to the release of the first chapter of his survival horror trilogy

“Remothered: Tormented Fathers” is the brainchild of Chris Darril, game designer and director born and raised in Catania, Italy. Chris is an enthusiast artist, with a strong passion for cinema and videogames.

Being an illustrator and animated movie lover since his early days, Chris has always been focused in giving life to his characters and creating new stories around them. Following this path, he gives birth to “Remothered”, his own tribute in style to cult titles such as “Silent Hill” and “Clock Tower”, but also inspired by movies like “The Silence of the Lambs”, “Rosemary’s Baby” e “Mulholland Drive”. The idea behind “Remothered” begins in 2007, when Chris Darril is only 18. The project starts taking shape in 2009, as a indie game, with Darril in the role of the only developer working on it.

Despite its naive nature and the inconsistent development typical of an homemade project, “Remothered” unexpectedly raises the interest of several gamers, thanks to the buzz generated by the fans.

“Remothered”, at first considered as a “Clock Tower” remake, rapidly shows to be on par with the most known survival horror videogames as it relies on a solid structure, a peculiar characterization and an intriguing storytelling.

In 2011, Darril takes part in a competition for indie game developers, where “Remothered” obtains positive feedback. The several offers received for the intellectual property alone, make Chris aware of the real potential of his project, born out of a hobby and evolved into an authentic case. Chris becomes even more charmed by the idea to keep developing “Remothered”. Darril turns down the offer to sell the intellectual property and focuses on the development of the game.

This is when Darril gets contacted by an indie game developer team, eager to work on “Remothered”. The plan is to join forces: the company commits to develop the game using its own team and budget, while Chris operates as main designer and art director. This partnership soon turns out to be just an attempt to use the popularity of “Remothered” as a brand on a whole different project.

Due to his bond with the original plot and characters, Darril decides to halt the partnership and to take a break from “Remothered”. During this period, he becomes member of the scientific board of the IUDAV (Institute University of Digital Animation and Videogames). Furthermore, Psychoz Interactive hires him to work on “Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities” as art director and concept designer. This stimulating role enriches Chris’ experience, who also begins a collaboration with Nude Maker, a japanese game developer, for the highly-anticipated Kickstarter success “Project Scissors: NightCry”. Chris has now the opportunity to work together with artists such as Takashi Shimizu, the filmmaker of “The Grudge” franchise, and Hifumi Kouno, creator and game director of “Clock Tower”.

Encouraged by the international designers he collaborates with, Chris starts working again on “Remothered”. The game designer partners up with 3 of his friends and funds Darril Arts with the aim to give birth to the game the way it deserved to.

What follows next is the partnership with Stormind Games and the development of “Remothered” flies off.

Nobuko Toda, esteemed musician and composer (Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts, Halo, The Evil Within) joins the team as she composes the inspiring soundtrack of “Remothered”. The project, originally thought as a home-made indie title, becomes a game that shows to be every bit as good as the most impressive AAA works. After a decade, the project of Chris Darril is finally ready to hit the market.

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  1. Carrthulhu says:

    Remothered had me INCREDIBLY excited about when I saw the initial gameplay on YouTube (since removed.)

    Being a long time fan of the genre I can’t wait to see this project come to life as Chriz has envisioned. A rare opportunity for a game developer.

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