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Howdy American fellow players!

Sony has decided to think ahead of its competition by planning a two weeks discount to celebrate this year’s Black Friday.

By bringing Black Friday straight to the players, you will avoid crowds by being able to get the game directly from the network. There will be no lines, no pushing and shoving, just the comfort of shopping in a place where if you are still in your pajamas it is acceptable.

So, if you are an American survival horror fan, this year, your Black Friday discounts will begin earlier than scheduled with the event going live on PS Network today!

Among the discounted titles, you will find the pure and realistic survival horror video game at 40% off its full price, or 50% if you are a member of PS Plus.

By taking advantage of this sale, you will face characters that are going to terrify you, crazy stalkers whose only intention is to slaughter you, and no powerful weapon to help you. Playing will send shivers down your back.

The game revolves around Rosemary Reed, the protagonist of the first chapter, who is determined to discover what secret lies behind the disappearance of a little girl named Celeste, who went missing years before. Rosemary finds herself sneaking into the Felton mansion, the house of retired notary Richard Felton, to investigate the alleged crime. The house lurks with enemies though, and the key is to survive and not be slaughtered by a terrifying nun in red and other mysterious characters.

If you are still doubtful on whether or not to get the first title in the Remothered trilogy, following are some key features of the video game:

Lots of ways to survive – furtiveness, action, strategy, hide ‘n’ run, there are infinite combinations of game dynamics to make the game experience available to every player.

→ Hide-and-seek – Your stalkers will follow your footsteps and you have to hide from them. They will never give up. Just like when playing hide-and-seek, you have to hide if you want to keep playing. When you hide, your stalker will examine the hiding spots inside the room. Of course, you don’t want to be uncovered. When there’s an enemy looking for you, tension can be pretty high. During these events, you have to monitor your anxiety with specific challenges. Only if you overcome these challenges, then you are safe.

→ Psychological plot – the characters are everyday people who turn into dreadful killers. The fine line between good and evil is unclear.

→ Realistic experience – Environments and characters have been conceived to be lifelike and believable.

Moreover, mentioned the first title in the Remothered trilogy among the list of scariest games of all times. Remothered was in the good company of titles such as Silent Hill and Outlast!

The sale will end November 27, at 8 AM Pacific Time and after that, the game where you’ll have to face your stalkers will go back to its full price.

Click here to get your copy of the game.

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